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Amiesia | Your Personal, Portable Makeup Studio



Who Said You Can’t Carry a Vanity Everywhere You Go?

We know the struggle – hunting for that particular lipstick in a sea of products, trying to apply makeup in less-than-ideal lighting. Amiesia turns those makeup mishaps into a thing of the past. Imagine having your entire makeup collection neatly organized and accessible, complete with professional lighting, all in a stylish case that you can take anywhere!

All Your Makeup Essentials Ready On-The-Go

Ever had to choose which makeup to leave behind because of limited bag space? With Amiesia, you don’t have to compromise. Its compact design fits all your makeup essentials, making it the perfect travel companion. And yes, it’s TSA-approved!

Perfect Lighting, No Matter Where You Are

Tired of guessing your makeup outcome in poor hotel lighting? Our built-in adjustable 3-mode LED mirror (cool, warm, natural)ensures you get the best lighting for makeup application, wherever you are. Say goodbye to makeup blunders and hello to flawless looks every time!

Customizable Compartments for Effortless Organization

Not all makeup collections are the same, so why should your makeup case be? With Amiesia’s customizable compartments, you decide how to organize your makeup. Lipsticks, brushes, palettes – everything finds a home here, making your makeup routine faster and smoother.

How It Works

Amiesia is as easy as 1-2-3.

Simply adjust the compartments to fit your makeup collection, arrange your makeup as you wish, and you’re ready to go!

Need to touch up in a dimly lit place? No worries!

Just switch on the built-in lighted mirror for perfect lighting. And when you’re done, close the Amiesia and pop it into your bag. It’s that simple!


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