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Bandou: Award-Winning Kids Headphones



Finally! A comfy fleece headband with super-thin, adjustable speakers… The first headphones designed for kids!

  • Safe for kids– volume is limited to protect their sensitive ears + it’s wireless (meaning no choking hazard!)
  • Small, foldable & portable– making it perfect for travel
  • Doesn’t hurt to wear unlike regular, bulky headphones
  • Made of a soft, comfy, stretchy material that fits all head sizes

Perfect for travel…. And more!

Long flight or road trip ahead? Bandoukeeps kiddo entertainedthe whole time without bothering people around – for an easy-peasy trip!

Much smaller and comfortable than bulky, clumsy headphones, they’ll also be able to rest their head on the side– thanks to its ultra-thin speakers!

While Bandou is great for travel, it’s also perfect for online learning, sleeping and much more!

Kid safe

One of the reasons why pediatrists recommend Bandou is its built-in volume-controlled circuitry. Children have more sensitive ears than adults and need to be cared for accordingly. Bandou’s volume is limited at the recommended 90dB for children, that way, no need to worry about hearing damage!

It’s also great for the kids who don’t like putting thingsinsidetheir ears or having bulky, uncomfortable headphones.

Kid proof

As parents, we know how frustrating it can be to buy stuff and find it broken just a few days later… Which is why we made Bandou pretty much unbreakable.

It can be bent, thrown, torn, stretched, bitten, and much more without breaking– thanks to it being made out of fabric instead of flimsy plastic.

Bandou will last and fit them for years to come!

Some details…

  • Many fun designs to choose from!
  • High quality sound & material
  • Easy-Connect Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
  • Volume limited to 90 dB
  • Position of speakers is adjustable
  • 13 hours play time, 3 hours charge time
  • Simple buttons on the side to play, pause & skip music
  • One size fits all stretchy band


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