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An Entire Toolbox of Functions in One Ingenious Key-sized Device!

KeyX24 Is a Key-shaped Pocket Tool That Features Almost All Tools of Everyday Use

  • INTUITIVE 24-IN-1 DESIGN: Use 24 functions with this multi-function device thanks to its intuitive 24-in-1 Design. It is your complete portable toolbox.
  • 24 FUNCTIONS WITH THIS MULTI-FUNCTION DEVICE: A complete portable toolbox in a pocket sized gadget.
  • EASY TO CARRY AND PORTABLE: Due to its lightweight, you can easily carry it and keep it with you anywhere you want. It is highly portable and covers minimum space.
  • MULTIPLE SCREWDRIVER FUNCTIONS: With KeyX24, you don’t need to have different screwdrivers as it can serve as multiple screwdrivers for all your needs.
  • BEST OPTION FOR TOUGH BUILD SITUATIONS: KeyX24 is your best companion in tough build situations where you can’t keep a bulky toolbox with you.

What Are We Talking About?

Are you tired of lifting a heavy toolbox with you all the time? Do you always find yourself without that one crucial tool that you really need? Are you not happy with your bulky toolbox and want a lighter one? Do you keep losing your tools like screwdrivers? Well, you are lucky because KeyX24 is here to save the day. It’s a 24 in 1 compact and innovative multi-tool device that can perform at least 24 functions for you when it comes to the tools. It is a true work of engineering art that has made it possible to use 24 different tools in a single key-sized device. KeyX24 has everything that you want in your toolbox.

What Makes KeyX24 so Special?

It is the ultimate utility that makes KeyX24 so special. It is a combination of 24 versatile universal gadget functions that are enough to save your day. KeyX24 includes the function of the screwdriver, can opener, opener, out of the box, the hex wrench, measuring ruler, angle measure, and so on. With all these functions and features, KeyX24 does not weigh more than a key. It has a smart design which compact enough to fit right on your keyring. KeyX24 is small enough that you can easily keep it in your wallet. For your convenience, an entire crate of tools is merged in one single key-shaped pocked device.

KeyX24 is made of top-shelf 420 steel materials not only makes it long-lasting but durable as well. The construction of this multi-function key is carried out through the Metal Injection Molding technique. KeyX24 is a remarkable blend of strength, precision, and beauty. It is nothing less than a showpiece or a piece of beautiful jewelry. It will also serve you as a universal screwdriver so you will have no longer to keep different screwdrivers with you. KeyX24 is highly portable due to its lightweight.

These Customers Are Already Using KeyX24 and Love It!

“Great Little Tool…”

“This little tool is cool! 24 tools in one, made to look like a key to put on your key ring and take it with you wherever you go. The screwdriver at the tip of the key has come in handy, so has the bottle opener. Highly recommend it to everyone for any situation. A must-have.”

“One of the Best Micro Tools I’ve Ever Bought…”

“I am an EDC junkie. I always want to everyday carry something that will get me out of a pickle. With microtools, I often carry two. My world is just an ongoing lab to test which microtools work best. This tool has NEVER been cut from the rotation since I received it. And yes, one of the very first things I did was to roll up a little ball of a nice aromatic pipe tobacco and smoke it. It worked perfectly and was super easy to clean with a standard pipe cleaner.”

“A Very Clever Multitool for Every Gadget Lover…”

“This really is one of the best mechanic companions ever made. Does almost everything you will ever need on the go and you can just have it on your keychain at the ready at all times. Whenever you think the Germans can’t streamline things anymore, they come up with this stuff just to prove you wrong.”


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