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Magic UFO Ball



Throw a disc flying saucer and grab a ball! Throw a disc, catch a ball.Just squeeze down on the ball to set the time-delay, then throw it as a disc.The disc will pop back into a ball at random!Fast recovery.The spherical shape can be recovered in a few seconds. The soft rubber material is not easy to damage, and the two forms can be switched freely.Press the yellow dot with the palm of your hand and directly stick it up and down.Magic UFO BallUse a variety of game plays in one ball to exercise children’s athletic ability and make children colorful in childhood.The dog’s favorite, good flexibility, not easy to break. Transform a game of catch Add an exciting twist to backyard games with the ball surprising time-delay action.Players can throw a 9-inch disc and catch it as a 6-inch ball! Easy To Carry Press the ball into a disc and easy to carry with bag, not taking up space.Magic UFO Ball


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