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Mervay Split Ends Hair Pro



Easiest way to Remove Split Ends Without Cutting



The Split Hair Pro is a hair trimmer that cuts the split ends out of your hair lengths. And note that this trimmer only cuts off the dead ends. Your hair, except for the ends, is not shortened. So a revolutionary system! This is due to the Surgy-Trim System technology. So your hair stays the same length and style. In the Split Hair Pro is a Hair Plate. This ensures that the passes can be safely treated. Moreover, after a treatment with the Split Hair Pro, your hair feels soft and gets a healthy-looking shine.

Why do you want the Mervay Split Hair Pro?

  • Trims the ends of the hair and not the length: The Mervay Split Hair Pro claims to target and remove only the split ends of the hair, leaving the length intact. This can be appealing for individuals who want to maintain their hair length while still getting rid of damaged ends.
  • Easier, faster, and safer than scissors or trimmers: Using scissors to manually trim split ends can be time-consuming and potentially risky if not done carefully. The Mervay Split Hair Pro offers a more convenient and efficient solution, eliminating the need for precise manual trimming.
  • Promotes a healthy look and silky effect for hair: By removing split ends, which can make hair look frizzy and dull, the Mervay Split Hair Pro aims to give the hair a healthier appearance and a silky effect.
  • Suitable for both men and women: The device is marketed as being suitable for both men and women, which means anyone looking to grow longer hair can potentially benefit from it.
  • Saves time and money: With the Mervay Split Hair Pro, individuals can avoid frequent trips to the hairdresser solely for split end trims, potentially saving time and money in the long run.

The Mervay Split Hair Pro will be your hairs new bestfriend. This little device easily glides through your hair and only cuts off the dead split ends. So you won’t ever lose length only split ends.Saving you both time and money. Avoid trips to your hair dresser and saving your length.

The Proces


After running the Mervay Split Hair Pro over a hair strand three times, immediate results can be seen and felt. The hair looks smoother and feels very soft. As if the rough edges (in this case the split ends) are gone!

Designed to work with all Hair types.

Designed to be used on all hair types. Although we do highly recommend for anyone with extremely curly/wavy hair to straighten your hair before use for the best result.

Scared you’ll Chop of your Hair?
No worries, the trimmer does not cut your hair length at all.

Designed with precision, the small blades only cut the dead lose ends. So you don’t ever have to be scared of accidently cutting your hair.

Only leaving softer, healthier, beautiful looking hair.

Keep those Sharp Scissors Away.
No need to spend hours learning to trim your ends only to spend even more hours on actually trimming. Let our trimmer make your life easier.


  • Power supply mode: rechargeable
  • Tool head material: metal
  • Applicable people: adults
  • Energy-saving power: 3W
  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
  • Charge and discharge time: 2 hours
  • Speed: 6200RPM
  • Gear position: 2 gear

Package Includes:

  • Mervay Split Hair Pro
  • 1/4″ Trim Setting FIXED to the unit(1/8″ trim setting does not come with this version)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instruction Manual
  • Power Adaptor-USA Charger(Bi-Volt 110-240 Volts)


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