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The Safety Tool That Every Driver Should Carry In Their Vehicle

Don’t be a helpless victim in a crash.

Simply push a button, and the tungsten steel head will break through even the thickest windows. And thanks to the gun working principle, it also works under water.

  • Breaks any type of car windows
  • Firefighter-approved
  • Gun-working principle for massive power
  • Lightweight & Compact

Introducing SafeHammer The Ultimate Car Crash Survival Device

Each year, thousands of people die in a sinking car.
Modern car windows use a special type of glass to protect passengers during a car accident. But it’s nearly impossible to break using a traditional safety hammer. And it gets even worse: electrical car windows stop working when exposed to water.

SafeHammer is a new type of safety hammer that generates a massive amount of force with just the push of a button. It’s so strong, it can break through even the thickest windows, letting you escape to freedom without wasting crucial seconds. And it’s also small enough, so you can even use it as a keychain. Thousands of people already use our invention to stay safer on the roads.

Join them and have more peace of mind behind the wheel.

Protect Yourself And Your Family

These unique features make SafeHammer a must-have for every driver.

Strong Steel Head

Seat Belt Cutter

Easy Storage

Meet SafeHammer

Did you know most recent car windows use a special type of glass that’s nearly impossible to break after a crash in water?

That’s why we invented SafeHammer. With the push of a button, the tungsten steel head will break through even the thickest windows. And thanks to the gun working principle, it also works under water.

It’s a safer alternative to a traditional safety hammer.

Cuts Through Seat Belts In Seconds

The stainless steel blade cuts through a seat belt like butter, freeing you from dangerous entrapment in just a matter of seconds. The special safety mechanism avoids cutting yourself.

Recommended by emergency workers

SafeHammer is developed by an emergency worker. And it has already been labeled as a “must have” by public organizations, police, firefighters and emergency health personnel. Most electric windows stop working when submerged in water and traditional safety hammers lack the required force to break a window under water.

Our tool uses a patented mechanism to help you escape your car in seconds.

Features of SafeHammer

With this one simple idea, we are now keeping millions of drivers safe.

Our patented technology helps you break a car window without any force required. Thanks to SafeHammer your chances of survival increase to 99%.

  • No Force RequiredUnique mechanism to generatea a huge amount of force.
  • Seat Belt CutterSafely embedded so there is zero risk of injuring yourself.
  • Easy StorageUse as a keychain or use the supplied clip to attach to your dashboard.
  • Tungsten Steel HeadThe steel head has a Rockwell hardness grade of 55.
  • Works UnderwaterStill works, even when your car is already full of water.
  • Works In SecondsBreaks windows immediately, so you don’t lose any vital seconds.

What To Do During An Emergency?


Remove seat belts the moment you hit water. Do the same with your kids.


Push the SafeHammer in the glass and push the button. Remain calm.


When travelling with kids, push them out of the vehicle first. Adults leave next.


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