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YELACO | Shapewear Swimsuit

(11 customer reviews)



Say hello to your new summer body!

The comfiestone pieceever.

Our tummy-tightneningand shaping one piece isperfect for every body.
lt provides the perfectshaping experience forcomfort and confidenceall summer long.


Girls are going absolutely FERAL for this viral swim suit!


Customer reviews

Based on 11 reviews
  1. A***a

    Holy moly, this swimsuit fits like a dream and makes me feel like a total babe. Gotta cop it in all the shades, no doubt!

    YELACO | Shapewear Swimsuit
  2. J***o

    Wowww. This thing snatches you so much! It’s literally made my stomach non – existent and its so comfy. It actually goes so well as a bodysuit with beach shorts and slides. SO versatile.

    YELACO | Shapewear Swimsuit
  3. S***l

    Wow! I was advertised this on instagram and kept going back to look at it because I am 30 and felt like I am over the point in my life where I wear weird amazon bathing suits that never fit quite right.. And I wanted to get a one piece that actually looks good, all attempts really highlighted my rectangular shape and made me feel unattractive. I have boobs and butt but really not much of an hourglass waist from the front. I finally bit the bullet and the cost and ordered a Plungey and Lacey. I really didn’t want to show my boobs but the Plunge had more butt coverage and I wanted to try both options. I had contacted the chat form because I am in between sizes and read all the reviews and really wasn’t sure, and was recommended that I get the Medium, but I was skeptical and didn’t want to have any bulging out of the leg holes.. So I ordered a Medium in the Plungey because it had more butt coverage and a Large in the Lacey. I should have listened because although initially it was a little harder to get the Medium Plunge on and situated it is insane and making me look like a vintage Barbie! I do not have that waist, this bathing suit is a witch! It doesn’t give you weird blobs hanging out anywhere even though it is sucking you in! I was really dreading wearing a bathing suit this summer on my trips but now I feel like it won’t be such a nightmare. Thank you!! I already ordered the medium in Lacey and hope to get it soon to see if it is better. I hope that they make a higher neck version with an X back, that would be the dream. I have attached the picture of the difference between the Medium Plunge and Large Lacey and also a picture of me in a sketchy Amazon bathing suit to illustrate my rectangular form Sorry for the blur, trying to hide my messy room haha.

    YELACO | Shapewear Swimsuit
  4. C***i

    Oh if I could go back in time and pull the trigger sooner. It’s worth every penny and more. I’m in my 40s and live in a sleepy coastal town in FL so I swim often. Fine described my current swimsuit. It wasn’t amazing but it was fine. I have guests coming into town and knew I would be in a swimsuit in front of them. My “fine” suit would not cut it. I remembered and ordered one. Woah, woah and woah. My body has never liked like this. I feel incredible. I’m like a beach superhero! Somehow it’s comfortable as well which I would have never guessed. It holds me in with a loving hug of premium material. Do yourself the favor and try one.

    YELACO | Shapewear Swimsuit
  5. R***r

    I have personally never worn a one piece before this one and was afraid of feeling un-sexy. This suit accented my curves (and made some new ones) and gave me an hour glass figure. I’m obsessed.

    YELACO | Shapewear Swimsuit
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